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Dental Insurance Policies

Many of us put off going to the dentist. It’s not just the cleaning or the dental procedures we might dread, but for a lot of people, it’s also the cost. Even the most basic cleaning can be a budget breaker. However, putting off oral healthcare, or living with painful tooth problems will only lead to bigger problems and increased costs, especially as we age.

Dental insurance can help pay for all or part of the work your dentist performs, from routine cleanings and X-rays to more complicated procedures like cavities, root canals, oral surgery and more.

Sounds simple, but there are many dental policies to avoid. In some circumstances, policies that come with low price tags won’t cover your needs. Some plans have extended waiting periods, which aren’t helpful if you’re in pain and need immediate dental work.

Our experienced, licensed agents at Florida First Insurance Group will guide you through the process of selecting from a range of affordable dental insurance policies from a large variety of carriers.  


Vision Insurance Policies

If you wear eyeglasses or contacts, you already know the high cost of maintaining your vision. There is no way around it, regularly scheduled eye exams are critical to protect your vision and eye health. Exams, glasses, contacts or eye surgery can be costly, but a vision care plan can help get those costs under control.

Vision insurance policies offer either a vision benefits package, or discounts on eye care and eyewear. Our family-owned agency, Florida First Insurance Group, will guide you through the process of selecting an affordable vision care option from a large variety of familiar and credible PPO or HMO companies. Our vision plans also provide a larger allowance than most for frames and contacts.


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