Group Health/Employer Benefits

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Group Health Insurance/Employer Benefits

Benefits beyond wages are an important tool to attract and retain workers, which has a direct impact on an employer’s bottom line. More than 50% of businesses* in this country recognize that, and offer some form of group health insurance to their employees. Whether you’re a small group employer (4-50 employees) or a large group employer (51+ employees), Florida First Insurance Group is here to help.

*According to the U.S. Census Bureau

How Florida First Insurance Group Can Help

Traditionally, most benefits fall under these types:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Ancillary (Dental, Vision, Accident, Gap) Insurance


So, what is the right group health plan, what should it include, and what will it cost? Those are all important questions that our Jacksonville-based experienced, licensed agents at Florida First Insurance Group can answer. We help employers select the right plan for their employees’ needs, and for any business’ budget.

  • We recognize that deductibles are high in today’s world, and only increasing with time. We work with a huge network of local and national PPO networks which allows us to have strong negotiating power in getting the best rates available in the market.


  • Benefits aren’t a one-size-fits-all for employees. Our benefits strategy is designed to accommodate all your employees’ needs, and assist with offering a well-rounded healthcare package.


  • The biggest concern for employees is understanding how their benefit package works. Our Jacksonville-based, experienced, licensed agents will educate your team on a group level, and then work one-on-one to guide them to the benefits that best fit their needs.

If you decide to offer a group health insurance plan to your workers – even as a small business – you may be entitled to tax credits.* These credits will help offset the generous health insurance coverage you provide. 

*According to the Internal Revenue Service

Our Jacksonville-based, experienced, licensed agents at Florida First Insurance Group will work closely with Colonial Life to offer a full, voluntary benefit package that helps reduce the medical deductible when catastrophic situations happen. It also rewards your employees for getting their free, preventative check-up with their in-network doctor.


Voluntary benefits include disability, accident, medical bridge, critical illness, cancer, and life insurance.

How Does a Section 125 Document Help Cut Costs?

These arrangements grant employees significant savings on their income taxes by allowing them to use medical expenses to lower their taxable income. A Section 125 arrangement allows employers to pull the cost of benefits from an employee’s paycheck on a pretax basis. This lowers an employer’s payroll tax and workers’ compensation expense.

In addition, it reduces the cost of benefits to the employee, by pulling the premium prior to taxing the paycheck.  This IRS document typically costs $400 when working with a payroll company or CPA. We provide this service at no cost to the employer.

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